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Leachate Monitoring Alarm System


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A Major Waste-Disposal Operator, Sept 2008 - ongoing
Leachate Monitoring at Landfill Site near Reading

Design and installation of a GSM-based telemetry system for monitoring leachate level and pumping rates at 5 no. boreholes.

An ATEX certified intrinsically-safe depth pressure transmitter was selected due to the presence of explosive gases at the site. A Siemens flow-meter was also connected to measure pumped leachate rates. A solar-panel and charger-regulator was provided to trickle-charge the Hawk GSM outstation.

The data from these stations was collected under a service contract by Hydro-Logic's owm FEP6 telemetry server with data then posted to a PC located at the site with internet access to Hydro-Logic's data hosting web-site www.timeview.net. This reduced the costs and increased quality and reliability by eliminating the need for untrained site operatives to operate and maintain telemetry infrastructure.

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