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Leachate treatment solution for council – Landfill Site, Camarthenshire


Courtesy of EnSo International Ltd

Plant Equipment: Ocean Professional Nitrification Plant

Design Data:

  • Effluent target (NH4-N): <4
  • Daily flow (m3/day): 120
  • Ammonia load (kg/day): 6
  • BOD load (kg/day): n/a

Situation and Problem

This site comprises of six landfill cells and phase 1 of the site has been capped off. It produces leachate that is collected from the waste by a series of gravity drains which transport the leachate to cell sumps. The leachate gravitates to an aerated holding lagoon where part of the liquor is drawn off and passed through an above ground trickling filter prior to re-entering the lagoon. There is also a floating reed bed to offer further treatment prior to discharge.

The site had not been achieving the ammonia consent limits for some time, with the result that large volumes of effluent have had to be tankered away, at great cost to the council.

The EnSo Solution

EnSo, working with WEBS, were called in to offer a temporary treatment solution, to test our process treatment works, and recommended the Ocean Professional Nitrification Plant. The tank was manufactured in glass reinforced plastic (GRP) to a heavy duty specification and installed above ground, seated on galvanised steel cradles on a reinforced concrete pad. The air blowers were installed within the kiosk, located on top of the tank for ease of access.

This treatment system was designed with two discreet biological treatment stages providing sufficient media surface area to reduce the ammonia, for the restricted flows entering it, to the consented value.

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