Lead in the environment and in drinking water

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Everywhere you look metal lead is in the headlines. The majority of the recent press attention however, has not focused in lead in contaminated water, air, or soil but rather on high concentrations of lead found in toys and children?s jewelry that have been produced in developing countries where lax standards apply. Regardless of the particular source of lead contamination, the fact is lead can give rise to a variety of adverse health effects, particulary in children where it can provoke retardation in both physical and mental development. In adults, lead consumption can cause elevated blood pressure and prolonged intake can result in the development of renal problems. The potentially devastating effect of lead intake in children is most concening. Aggravating the fear among the general public is the relization that lead poisoning is not new, which in itself gives rise to the questiong as to how modern, technologically developed countries and societies tolerate the fact that there is still a real and present danger from lead.

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