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Lead Plating


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A Midwest company is plating lead and etching the material with an HCl batch. The resultant wastewater had a lead concentration of 2,000-4,000 ppm. Traditional chemistry (pH adjustment to 9.8, coagulation/flocculation) could only decrease the concentration to 5.0 ppm. The facility was had to retreat the wastewater and only then could reach a lead level of 3.0 ppm. 

With the use of the IE-061 (metal precipitant) and Floccin-A, they were able to obtain an effluent lead level of 0.4 ppm, below their discharge limit of 0.8 ppm in a single treatment. This was achieved with the use of an ORP controller with proportional 4-20 mA output to the chemical pump feeding the IE-061. The Floccin-A is then added to coagulate/flocculate the metals into a sludge for dewatering in their Plate & Frame press.

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