Leader in sample preparation systems benefits from Axetris MFCs’ high dynamic range - Case Study


Courtesy of Axetris Ag

Split ratio flexibility of GC injector increased 30-fold

A leading manufacturer of analytical sample preparation systems in gas chromatography (GC) switched to Axetris MFCs - and in doing so, simplified their product range, while offering their customers at least 30 times more flexibility in split ratio. The market-leading dynamic range of Axetris mass flow controllers (MFCs)—with their better than 1000:1 turn-down ratio—helped achieve this quantum leap forward in flexibility and performance.

GC sample preparation using Thermal Desorption
Thermal desorption is a popular analytical sample preparation technique used predominantly for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) analysis – its applications extend into markets such as environmental health and safety, fragrance analysis, forensics and materials emissions.

On modern thermal desorption systems, sample preparation and injection is a multi-stage process where tight and reproducible gas flow control plays a key role.

Increasing performance whilst reducing product complexity
Thermal desorption systems need to work with a wide variety of samples over a broad range of concentrations. Converting to Axetris MFCs, with their wider dynamic range, meant that one rather than two models of MFC could be used and still gave a 30-fold improvement in available split ratios.

Axetris Mass Flow Controllers help design a unique GC injector

After testing Axetris MFCs, the main advantages quickly became clear:

  • Reproducibility, speed and stability: Compared to the previous MFC brand, Axetris products achieved the desired set point more rapidly and reproducibly.
  • High dynamic range: Allowed the use of one model of MFC where previously two were required.
  • Low flow capability: Accurate linear flow control even down to a couple of ml/min.
  • Quality and reliability: Switching to Axetris MFCs has greatly reduced field failure rates and support costs.

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