Leading an Effort in Green E-Learning and Marketing Sustainability Education On Line is a Growing Business

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Green Education On Line has lead the effort for offering on line education on topics such as how to plan for sustainability, water conservation and managing transportation efforts. Their marketing plans are being touted as nothing short of revolutionary.  They have agreements with Element K, Trilogy/Network of Care and some of the largest e-learning vendors, globally. The company incorporates education for employees to learn about alternative fuel sources, managing their organizations waste, planning for sustainability, recycling and this is opening many doors and getting the interest. They use marketing and promotional activities such as e-mail campaigns, utilize social networking having 1100+ contacts who are experts in the field of sustainability and they train the sales staffs of their partners. Green Education On Line feels their most valuable tool in marketing is the fact that they cover all bases in education on green issues and sustainability in their one of a kind catalog. The referrals they receive is mostly from “word of mouth” and feel education based marketing is a crucial component for success. The assist their partners’ in designing their own green educational marketing plan that fits with individual client requirements. Green Education On Line has a plan for most companies to be able to offer their products and services. Their prospects are shown how everyone can share in for outsourcing and promotion.

Their clients are offered a promotional piece they can customize.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO-ya05_-g0 Kerry Mitchell, President of Green Education On Line says, “This is on our home page to introduce our customer base and their clients to the catalog and is offered to all partnerships with custom branding for that client.”

Mitchell has a leadership style that shows how utterly committed she is, and top business leaders can learn from her. As she states, she is a “ a self proclaimed republican and proud of it.  Mitchell says. “Look out for an uplift in jobs and the economy if I can get my republican friends on board in recognizing the potential sustainability planning can have on our economy.” She says touting this in an election year is a win-win, ignoring it will cost votes.

Green Education On Line has educated over 7,000 in the basics of green building, CSR and green business practices on line and on site since 2007. The Sustainability Education Series is comprised of 50 courses covering 13 topics for employees in government and organizations learn to about planning for sustainability, learning to become more energy efficiency, guidance on waste management, water conservation, recycling and other topics. For more information, visit:  greeneducationonline.com


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