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Leading Corporate Strategies and Climate Change - CEO Table

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I’m an avid gardener. I revel in spending an afternoon under the warmth of the sun getting my hands into the soil, re-planting flowers, nurturing the unhealthy and staking blossoms. It is a time when good ideas seep into my mind and bad
ideas creep out. It is my learning laboratory. One of the many things that my garden has taught me is that the plants fall
into three growing categories: those that must be coaxed into greatness through special attention and fairly constant care—like roses; those that must be physically and harshly divided to thrive—like irises; and those that proliferate and
flourish without much attention from me except to provide the right kind of growing environment—like wooly hedgenettle (lamb’s ears). It has occurred to me that today’s businesses have a lot in common with the plants in my garden: some are coaxed by those outside the company to examine an issue or take a certain action, some are required to change as a result, for example, of a law or regulation, and some create an environment where risks are regarded as business opportunities that create long-term value to the organization. Today’s business leaders must have a cadre of skills to coax, push, and nurture in order to achieve results. This edition of CST includes fascinating case studies about how companies are analyzing and addressing the threats and opportunities of a carbon constrained world. Much like the plants in my garden some companies are being coaxed into action, some are required to take action, and some have the right environment where taking action has created additional profitable business opportunities, enhanced the long-term health of the company, and is viewed as the right thing to do.

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