Leading from the front


As one of the world’s leading incinerator design companies we have to stay ahead of the game.

There is an old saying in business and it goes: “If you stand still you get left behind” and that has never been more true than it is today. As a leading incinerator design company we are always looking ahead … at new design innovations, at the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, at upcoming environmental and legal requirements, at changing customer demands, at developing market conditions … even at the way we communicate with existing and potential customers. It is only because we never allow ourselves to become complacent and because we refuse to stand still – that we stay ahead.

Then again it has always been that way at Matthews Environmental Solutions where innovation and product development has become a critical part of our commercial DNA. Throughout our impressive history we have constantly been a pioneer for progress. Our ‘SureFire’ waste incinerators have long been a byword for innovative incinerator design and today they are established as the number one choice for companies, organisations and authorities all around the world. As part of this commitment to progress we have recently developed a new range of waste incinerators – the ‘Allburn’ range that now enables customers operating in less demanding markets to buy into Matthews’ brand-leading quality and efficiency … but at a more market sensitive price.

Matthews’ ‘Novus’ human cremation range is also internationally recognised as the global brand leader and thanks to our progressive approach and our commitment to on-going incinerator design innovation we now receive more and more enquiries – and orders – from a growing number of overseas countries.

More recently we have extended our continuous product development programme to include our acclaimed range of animal cremation technology. For the clean, clinical and environmentally responsible disposal of pets and livestock Matthews is, without question, one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers.

This policy of advancement and improvement has even been applied to our marketing activities and today, via our website, Internet and social media activities, we are now reaching many, many more potential customers on a global basis than was ever before possible.

At Matthews progress is a way of life. Yesterday is history and although we are immensely proud of our past achievements we take even more pride in our forward vision and our undiminished desire for improvement.

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