Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel Wastewater Treatment

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Bureau of Reclamation's Drainage Tunnel Dewatering LMDT Treatment Plant

Liquid/Solid Separation System
for Mine Drainage Tunnel

The Reclamation Projects Authorization and Adjustment Act of 1992 was amended in September of 2009 to enact a provision that required the construction of a water treatment plant to treat the effluent water discharged from the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel, Colorado.

Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel LMDT Leadville Co

Lake County commissioners declared a state of emergency in February 2008 fearing a catastrophic blowout of a blocked mine-drainage tunnel, which was starting to drain zinc, cadmium and lead-laced water out of fissures and reaching the Arkansas River.

Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel Semi Trailer LMDT Leadville Co

If the Leadville Mine Drainage tunnel were to burst, this could result in a life-threatening flood and possibly an environmental disaster.

Mobile Dewatering Unit

Integrated Engineers, Inc. responded to the request for a proposal to be submitted, that included, but was not limited to, the following specifications:

  • Mobile dewatering unit capable of achieving a 35-45% solids metal hydroxide sludge; with 4.0 cubic yard cake capacity per load, able to operate under cold weather conditions.
  • Engineer on site at time of commissioning to assist with start-up and training.

Portable Dewatering Press Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel LMDT Leadville Co


Dewatered Filter Cake Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel LMDT Leadville Co

The trailer mounted filter press was delivered to the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel March 2010. Integrated Engineers, Inc.’s professional engineer assisted with the commissioning of the project successfully and the unit continues to operate in Leadville, CO.

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