Leaking Refrigerators - Sorted

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Courtesy of Cleveland Biotech Ltd.

FridgeFree has been proven to eliminate the problem of leaking refrigerators by eradicating the gel that blocks the drain pipes leading to the floods.

The natural solution to refrigerator gel blockages; improving customer experience and revenue protection.

  • Discretely installed on the affected drain line
  • Disrupts the resident bacteria from producing the 'exopolysaccharide' gel
  • Automatically doses CBIO's proprietorial bio-fluid
  • The natural bio-fluid works with CBIO's other biological products
  • Each unit pro-actively managed by CBIO's own engineers
  • Fit and forget, FridgeFreeTM is battery operated Benefits:
  • Ensures free running drains by preventing gel blockages
  • Prevents shop floor flooding, and therefore minimises trip hazards and lost stock
  • Does not require expensive mains power
  • Saves money on expensive reactive drainage call-outs, and protects revenue.
  • Ensures customers peace of mind Applications

    Gel blockages are a common problem in refrigerator condensate drain lines. FridgeFree is installed on the affected drain line as far from the connection to the main drain as possible to ensure maximum coverage. In some circumstances a double-headed pump can be used to provide effective treatment at two points on the same chiller bank.

    For more information on how to sort out your leaking refrigerator please see our website.
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