Learner - centered viewpoint case study


Courtesy of Construction Resource Initiatives Council

Making the case for pre-manufactured interior partitions is a challenging task, especially when stakeholders have a limited viewpoint.

In 2006, leaders of the Ottawa Regional Supporters Association of Architects Supporters group studied the advantages, limitations and first costs of various types of interior commercial partitions (drywall, demountable, operable and mobile; with an unbiased approach.) This study was instrumental in educating stakeholders on fundamentals of interior partitions including sustainability, acoustics and economics.

Five years later, in anticipation of more stringent green codes, standards and guidelines, the Construction Resource Initiatives Council intends to revisit this study, with a learner-centered approach, taking life cycle costs and impact factors into account, including waste.

This, to demonstrate the value of sustainability, which includes flexibility, adaptability and durability; as well as serve as a pilot project for other sectors.

Participants would work on 1 to three different projects (depending on support), provided by architects, designers, owners or developers, ready to take an active role in the case study.

The project terms of references and matrix will be established by a leading project team, and the delivery will be using an integrated approach, ensuring a fair and thorough process.

The final analysis would recognize all participants, who would also have rights to use for training or marketing.

While all interested parties are welcome to send their expression of interest, priority will be given to supporters (members, sponsors and allies) of the Construction Resource Initiatives Council.

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