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Learning in networks: an exploration from innovation perspective

Innovation and product development are by far the most knowledge intensive and complex processes in organisations, meaning that they are among the most challenging and critical processes from the standpoint of new knowledge creation and effective learning. The firms' learning capabilities play a crucial role in generating innovations. By networking, companies are able to create and share new knowledge efficiently and the importance of networks in successful innovation management has increased significantly during the last few years. The aim here is to study the literature on learning, innovation and networks, particularly learning in inter-organisational networks. We evaluate and discuss important approaches to learning found in the literature from the standpoint of innovation management and networks. Since innovation is a particularly challenging and important task or process from the standpoint of knowledge creation and learning, several viewpoints to learning should be recognised and used simultaneously when aiming at effective learning.

Keywords: innovation networks, inter-organisational learning, knowledge management, knowledge creation, effective learning, learning capabilities, innovation management, organisational learning

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