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Led fluorescent lamp to LED lighting is a form of " hype "


Led lighting actual demand (consumer demand) that is rigid demand, is actually very small. Indoor lighting products world for a year is just over one hundred million dollars total demand only, but an investment in this country, at least 10 times higher than the actual demand. Final pay is often investors. In fact the demand for LED lighting is a major investment (rather mostly speculative) demand, but more often speculative man, the more impairment of the capital! LED high bay light is actually the essence of the fiery hot investment, consumption freezing! This in many ways can be seen, which is now only from another aspect, LED fluorescent ups and downs, look at LED lighting, the current status quo: the hype is far greater than the actual demand (rigid demand) the nature!
LED fluorescent lamp LED lighting industry was once a star, and the star of the time to do this for at least more than two years, LED fluorescent lamp is the originator of the first half of 2007, people began to discuss the second half of 2007 to be launched in full swing! LED fluorescent launched sheer number enthusiasm high, it can be said is unprecedented. To the first half of 2008, LED fluorescent investment boom reaches a high point, I remember that time, the power supply network drive area inside the first page, is about ten posts have eight LED fluorescent lamp. After the Olympic Games, LED fluorescent speculation boom started cold fire, followed by rapid decline, but this time, on the Alibaba website, enter the LED lamp, LED fluorescent lamp supply information, optical TrustPass members, there are already dozens of pages of the information. At this time, the industry, the industry has basically been considered almost bubbling. This being, of course, I heard there are a few manufacturers, producing a large cargo once or twice, but the final result is very bad, out of almost collapse.
And now, Alibaba Supply LED lamp still has so much information, because many people have invested, not to sell not. The forum, the development of people, a lot of people, as early as the LED high bay light have thrown in the back of the head, and some people even throw it in the trash, it is a waste, not universal. Now look at this forum, the question about the LED lamp, which is immune to find a few posts. Now ask LED power very few people, so five people a month are more than a. In the original, when the peak of almost one day when five people called to ask.
What does this mean? Why do the same thing, at different times, the difference is so big it, we say LED lamp technology is now very mature, do not discuss? Of course not, everyone knows that, and now LED lamp technology is not yet mature, and is the market affected by the resistance, and therefore do not wish to carry a lot of people! Cowhide broken, can not be fooled. And this one turned on the LED fluorescent lamp, a lot of rich people dropped heavily, no money also followed dig some point tickets out of the wind, and now 90% of the bones have become, or have become bones!
This is the essence of LED lighting fiery, as long as leather is not broken, despite blowing on a volume, a large amount of money, the only way blow, only one investment. Some would say that, LED high bay light has volume, but I did not see the other generations. Not to mention, why do I always see other generations have volume, Seoul generation where people have seen the amount of such a thing in itself, but this real strange bar. Even if by chance a certain company, because the relationship between reason also, or good luck, and occasionally walked so a single or a few single. You can define said to have volume, while 99% of companies are they in proofing, only one company in the shipping, which is the amount you have? An industry, we did not how, when shipped, is not the amount of a shipping company called a volume, called sophistry, one concept!
Why did the same amount of stuff, LED lights, and is still strong it is not bad, because it has a gimmick, with investment expected! A government guarantee in the chest shot, people do not believe in China's ability to ZF. The fluorescent lights, no guarantee it, so now the bad, and the bad in the end is about it. This has explained the nature of the LED fiery speculation investment is expected!

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