Legislation Note: PPS1 and the Government`s New Planning Policy Documents

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The government’s national planning policy is set out in a number of documents, the most important of which are a series of ‘Planning Policy Guidance Notes’ (PPGs). They will be familiar to many. The PPGs are now, in keeping with a policy landscape littered with acronyms, to be replaced by ‘Planning Policy Statements’ (PPSs). The government chose not to embark on a programme of wholesale replacement of PPGs with PPSs, and so at present there are a number of PPGs which are still valid, with new PPSs emerging on a regular basis. The timing of release of each new PPS may give some insight into which particular aspects of town and country planning policy are considered most important, or most topical, by the elected politicians and civil servants of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. This review concentrates on Planning Policy Statement 1, but picks out one or two aspects of the other PPSs which have been issued to replace their predecessor PPGs.

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