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Legislation Note: The waste strategy for England 2007: Is it deliverable?

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Following a Defra consultation from February to May 2006, the Government published its new waste strategy in May 2007.  This substantial publication runs to 123 pages, eight chapters and multiple appendices.  The strategy constitutes part of the implementation of the Framework Directive on Waste and is a waste management plan for the purposes of the Directive.  A national waste strategy is also a requirement under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  The strategy forms part of a tiered system in which it represents the national level. 

There are also strategies for waste in Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Plan documents.  The 2007 strategy builds upon the White Paper ‘Waste Strategy, 2000’ and is supplement by PPS10 ‘Planning for Sustainable Waste Management’.  Its eight chapters are themed as follows:  Chapter 1 introduces the new strategy.  Chapters 2 and 3 focus on the use of pricing and the regulatory framework. 

Chapter 4 deals with targeting action on priority materials, products and sectors.  Chapter 5 sets out the government’s plans to promote investment and use public funding to stimulate change.  Chapter 6 is concerned with strengthening governance arrangements at national and local levels in order to achieve a co-ordinated approach to increased investment.  The engagement of individuals and organisations and stimulation of behaviour change is the focus of Chapter 7 and the final chapter identifies indicators and targets to monitor progress.

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