Let red light put your salon in the green


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Who amongst us wouldn't turn back the clock if we could - especially when it comes to our skin?

It turns out: You now can... in a manner of speaking. Red light is a healing strategy that has been proven in scientific studies and product tests to stimulate production of collagen, which improves the appearance of skin, making you look years younger. Repeated tests show red light therapy is an effective, non-invasive and UV-free treatment for rejuvenating aged skin.

Leading the manufacturing of red light therapy is Light Sources and its affiliates. The company has long been known for being a pioneering designer and manufacturer in the specialty lighting industry. Red light has proven 10 be another perfecr niche.

A History

When collagen red lamps first hit the market, business started off slowly and availabiliy of equipment was scarce. However, due to Light Sources' innovation and testing, lead by Dr. Ferenc Godor, o well-known dermatologist in Hungary, in just two years the demand for collagen red lamps started growing.

'Like o snowball rolling down hill it took some time to pick up speed and get started. Now as the Feedback from satisfied customers grows and salons pass the word onto each other the growth of this product has been amazing,' says Gene Czako from Light Sources.

In 2010, Light Sources teamed up with Dr. Godor to conduct a series of intensive tests on 18 individuals with fine lines or wrinkles on the facial area. Each participant received 25-30 red light therapy treatments, and their skin was examined after each session All participants responded positively to the treatment, and after as few as five sessions, changes in the skin could already be noticed.

Dr. Godor's research offers evidence of the array of benefits red light therapy offers: It restores natural cellular activity which helps firm the skin, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and erase dark spots. Some studies have demonstrated hair and fingernail growth. There is also evidence the treatment increases blood circulation and stimulates wound healing.

Light Sources predicts within the next five to 10 years, red light therapy could rival today's tanning industry - provided salon owners take the necessary steps in developing this business. This includes learning about how the treatment works and understanding the treatment process to better educate interested clients.

Beyond the Light

Red light therapy is more than just the lamps and equipment; the marketing potential is huge. 'In addition lo the light therapy, a number of lotions are now available to aid in the care of the skin and help to improve the results of the product,' says Czako. 'These include pre treatment cleansing lotions to after treatment moisturizing lotions. This also adds to the potential income of salons. Your salon can easily sell red light packages that include sessions and the skin care aids. Another red light advantage for salons is that the product is non-seasonal and can (and should) be sold year-round. And - earning potential is huge because the product takes per severance and dedication to upkeep. 'Persistence pays off and if customers do not commit to a long term dedicated program then the product will not be effective,' Czako explain;, 'Customers need to sign up for of least a 6- to 10-week program.'

And urge your customers to stick to that program! It's worth it! Once they look at 'before' and 'after' pictures of their skin, they will never look away from the red light.

Let Light Sources help your salon get acquainted with red light therapy.

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