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Let’s Talk About the Design of Cartridge Dust Collectors


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When it comes to choosing a cartridge filter, the choice usually depends on the application. Systems with finer particles require a cartridge filter, and these come in the choice of two.

Surface and Depth-Type Filters

A surface filteris ideal when filtering remains of similar-sized particles. Depth-type filters capture pollutants and particles through the total thickness of the medium. When compared with a gathered surface filter, a depth filter hasrestricted surface area, but their depth is an advantage. If the surface size of the filter is enlarged advanced flows are likely, the dirt holding capacity rises, and the filter lasts longer.

The cartridge filters in a cartridge dust collector are designed in such a way that they are disposable, which means when the filter is totally damaged, it must be replaced.

Special Features

A cartridge dust collector is compact and requires minimal foundation and small footprint. The release level is very low, which makes it suitable for indoor installation. This means it can be used in many indoor places, and this is brilliant as this is where many filtering applications take place.

A cartridge filter system features cartridge elements built from fine filter media and arranged in a gathered way. The design consists of a very large filter area housed in a small and cylindrical shape. Compared to a bag filter system, a cartridge dust collector filter system takes up less area and space.


The architecture is in such a way that replacing or servicing the filters only takes a few minutes. The filters are constantly cleaned with converse air blasts controlled by an electronic consecutive controller. This ensures the filter system remains operative at peak efficiency. Cartridge dust collectors feature a number of applications including fettling shops, dust collection, central vacuum cleaning systems, pneumatic conveying, etc.

Overall, a cartridge filter system offers brilliant filtration effectiveness at less cost and is a better choice for places where dust needs to be recovered or removed. Several filtering applications require the use of one of these systems and the choice between a bag filter and a cartridge filter normally needs to be made.

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