Level measurement of ferric chloride case study


MonoScan provides ongoing measurement results of Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) solution in one of Israel's most advanced wastewater treatment plant.

The Ashdod wastewater treatment plant has invested significantly in state-of-the-art control systems to ensure 100% usage of the wastewater entering its facilities. The plant is self sufficient, by using its own resources providing power, water and gas.

The Problems

The plant sought a solution for measuring Ferric Chloride solution in one of their tanks. This material consists of a concentrated Iron III Chloride solution in water. The solution is being used during the process treatment for dewatering of all types of sludge, phosphate precipitation and removal, enhancement of sedimentation, and other usages. Since the solution is pumped out of the tank according to the amount of wastewater entering the plant, an appropriate level of solution should be maintained.

Until recently, the plant used a simple scale meter that cannot provide accurate level measurement results and be controlled from the main control desk.

There are several problems which may be encountered, using an ultrasonic level gauging device. The solution itself is highly corrosive and therefore may damage the ultrasonic transducer. Moreover, it is a toxic material and therefore may cause vapors which may cause interferences and produce inaccurate measurement results.

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