Level monitoring with ProGap - Case Study


Courtesy of ENVEA


A leading manufacturer of building materials producing gypsum fi bre boards, which are used for the insulation of wall and fl oor coverings, from gypsum and paper fi bres.

In the production process the two materials are mixed with water and pressed into solid plates. Afterwards they are dried and cut. Following the crushing process in a hammer mill paper fi bres are stored in hoppers.

To guarantee a fault free production process, the material is stored in several hoppers to ensure there is a continuous supply of product. This allows the material to be blended from the storage hoppers. From the storage hoppers the material is transported by a conveyor belt to the production process. The level of the hoppers are critical. Therefore a non-contact ProGap level control system is used.

Process data

  • Customer: Manufacturer of building materials (Germany)
  • Material: Paper fi bres
  • Installation place: Filling area of a material hopper
  • Function: Level detection


The ProGap microwave sensor is a point level system for a fl exible range of applications. The ProGap consists of a transmitter and a receiver, based on SWR‘s latest microwave technology. The ProGap measures the high level within the storage hopper. Thereby over fi lling of the hoppers is no longer a problem. With the retransmitted signal from the ProGap the operator can switch between the various hoppers available. Therefore resulting in fault free process is guaranteed.

Customer Benefit

  • Detection of material jam at the earliest possible time
  • Fault free process control, and avoiding process downtime
  • Eliminating delayed process start-up times

Customer comments

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