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Leveraging Chemical Data to Manage Risk


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Even if chemicals aren’t central to your business, their hazards are likely pervasive across your supply chain. In fact, chemicals are one of the primary drivers of environmental, health and safety risk in virtually every organization.

Both EPA and OSHA provide regulatory guidance based on the types and quantities of chemicals present at your facility. The Department of Transportation and the Department of Homeland Security also have stringent policies regarding the transportation and storage of chemicals. Finally, the international community has countless chemical regulations that are strictly enforced.

All of this regulation means that your company may be at risk of non-compliance with environmental, safety, health, transportation and/or international laws simply because you have chemicals present at your facility.

With solutions customized to your organization’s needs, Safetec helps you identify potential non-compliance issues, prevent future issues and reduce risk.

Organizations across the globe depend on Safetec to provide the cohesive set of software, services and information needed to accurately identify and close compliance gaps and proactively manage chemical and EHS risks.

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