Light Industrial Laundry


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

A smaller laundry treating 30,000 gallons/day of wastewater was using conventional chemistry with sulfuric acid to drop the pH to 7.5, addition of a coagulant, and a flocculent. The facility has been under pressure from the POTW to reduce the electroconductivity (EC) levels. Past analytical data has shown that the EC levels have averaged 2,100 μohms/cm from the addition of the laundry chemicals as well as the wastewater chemicals used to remove fats/oils/grease, BOD, TSS and other contaminants.

Testing with the Floccin-K versus their chemistry proved the EC levels could be reduced. The EC contribution from the acid/coagulant/flocculant added 900 μOhms/cm to the wastewater. The Floccin-K added 50 μOhms/cm and did not require the addition of acid for pH adjustment.

Conclusion: Using the Floccin-K, the facility reduces the chemicals, decreases their effluent EC, and makes superior quality water. The facility is investigating reusing the water in the initial rinsing and washing steps with heated tap water as the final cleaning step.

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