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Lime stabilization of Septage - San Fernando, La Union

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In mid-2008, engineers and staff from the San Fernando City health, planning, environment and engineering offices engaged in the first stage of a pilot demonstration project to determine the effectiveness of lime stabilization as a method of treating domestic septage in the Philippines. The Department of Health in the Philippines (DOH) also recognizes that lime stabilization is a viable septage treatment option in their manual: Rules and Regulations Governing Domestic Septage and sludge (August 2008). While the technology is recognized, it has yet to be fully tested in the Philippines. Phase 1 of the study involved treating one load (approximately 5 cubic meters of septage) using the lime stabilization method and performing laboratory tests to verify that it meets the requirements for septage reuse as provided for in the DOH manual. The tests show that the process was effective in complete destruction of pathogenic organisms and that all other listed parameters were within the specifications stated by DOH.

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