Linc facility services achieves zero refrigerant violations and ISO 14001 certification


Courtesy of IHS Markit

For some companies that must comply with government regulations regarding the use of refrigerants, it may seem that a goal of zero violation notices is unattainable. However, thanks to savvy management strategies and creative use of ESS Compliance Suite™ Refrigerant Compliance Management Software, managers at Linc Facility Services in Austin, Texas have proven that zero notices of violation is a goal that is well within reach.

'We have found ESS' Refrigerant Compliance Management Software to be extremely valuable. It has helped us eliminate notices of regulatory violations on multiple occasions,' said Lyndon Herrstrom, a Linc Facility Services manager.

Refrigerant Compliance Management Software not only helped Linc Facility Services staff maintain its record of zero notices of violation during 2005, it also helped the company continue its record of avoiding fees for emissions violations.

With Refrigerant Compliance Management Software, managers can meet rigorous Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) regulatory requirements, identify the history of previous environmental management decisions and plan effectively for the impact new regulations will have on future operating costs.

Refrigerant Compliance Management Software helps EH&S managers track refrigerant quantities in either metric or standard units. Managers also can monitor recovery and recycle details such as filter changes, refrigerant maintenance history and field usage records to improve EPA compliance on appliance services.

Achieving zero notices of refrigerant violations generated another significant benefit when Linc Facility Services helped a valued client, a high-tech company, earn ISO 14001 certification.

The International Organization for Standardization or ISO is a non-governmental network of national standards institutes from 157 countries. ISO says that its '14000 standards are practical tools for the manager who is not satisfied with mere compliance with legislation - which may be perceived as a cost of doing business. They're for the proactive manager with breadth of vision to understand that implementing a strategic approach can bring return on investment in environment-related measures…[and] leads to benefits like… reduced cost of waste management; savings in consumption of energy and materials; lower distribution costs; improved corporate image among regulators, customers and the public; and a framework for continuous improvement of your environmental performance.'

ISO 14001 certification had been a longstanding goal for Linc Facility Services' client for years. The achievement was an important benchmark of success that proved Linc Facility Services' ability to successfully conduct refrigerant compliance programs for its clients.

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