Lincoln Technical Institute - Welding Fume & Smoke Case study


Courtesy of Diversitech

The Problem
The Lincoln Technical Institute is a leading technical training center with currently over 40 locations in The United States and growing! Many of these facilities teach automotive & general welding and require that students have minimal exposure to the harmful effects of welding fume. The school tasked Diversi-Tech to supply complete welding workstations that would remove the welding smoke before it reaches the students breathing zone and became a general nuisance in the building.

The Solution
Diversi-Tech offers many solutions for safe removal of welding fume and smoke. In the case of Lincoln Tech, we have supplied over 100 downdraft tables in the past years to various locations, with table dimensions & configurations designed to meet each instructors/schools particular needs. The Indianapolis location bought 30 Mini-dd’s for their automotive welding department and the Melrose Park, Illinois location also installed 30 units but felt that the DD2x4 was a better fit for their needs. Other installations are at the Grand Prairie, Texas location and in East Windsor, Connecticut to name a few.

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