LINZ - ASTEN (Austria) Municipal WWTP - Case Study


Courtesy of Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH

Number of Tanks: 8
Total Volume: 92,000 m³
Water Depth: 7.4 m
SOTR Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate: 9,740 kgO2/h
Total Airflow: 73,600 Nm3/h
No. of AEROSTRIP® Diffusers: 3.328

Linz is the capital of Austrian federal state “Upper Austria” and third-largest city of Austria. It operates the second largest municipal WWTP of the country.

In the year 2001 WWTP Linz-Asten has been equipped with AEROSTRIP fine bubble diffusers.

14 years operation – constant high performance

After 14 years of continuous operation the performance of AEROSTRIP® diffusers was tested in 2015 once again.

This was done by draining one of the 12,000 m³ tanks, randomly extracting 8 diffusers and performing oxygen transfer measurement in clean water.

The first set of tests was done without prior cleaning followed by a second set of tests after pressure washing the diffusers.

The result was mind-blowing: the tested diffusers achieved the same oxygen transfer efficiency as new ones. After pressure washing, even the head loss of diffuser membranes met values of new AEROSTRIP diffusers.

Operators concluded, “After 14 years, it is way too early to change membranes of AEROSTRIP® diffusers”.

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