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Liposome encapsulated gold nanoshells for NanoPhototherapy induced hyperthermia

Gold nanoshells have been extensively studied since their invention and their role in both in vitro and in vivo photothermal therapy has been explored and demonstrated. In this work, we investigate liposomal delivery of gold nanoshells and evaluate their effects for in vitro NanoPhototherapy induced hyperthermia in human mammary carcinoma cells. In addition, we compare the application of liposome encapsulated gold nanoshells and free standing gold nanoshells in NanoPhototherapy. NanoPhotoTherapy induced hyperthermia was performed using a 785 nm near-infrared light from a diode laser and the in vitro effects were evaluated using nucleic acid molecular probes by fluorescence microscopy. Additionally, we monitored apoptosis by detecting capase-9 activity.

Keywords: gold nanoshells, liposomes, nanophototherapy, carcinoma, hyperthermia, in vitro, apoptosis

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