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GL Water offers distribution operators comprehensive software tools and consulting services to manage underground infrastructure assets. Through decades of experience in providing consulting services to water distribution utilities we are able to precisely model hydraulic transients. LIQT, industry recognised for accuracy and versatility, delivers a quick cost-effective solution to specific hydraulic problems.

LIQT is an advanced, interactive, simulation software product that can be used to perform transient analysis of closed conduit liquid piping networks of any complexity. It models liquid piping systems composed of pipelines, pumps, valves, reservoirs, accumulators, surge devices, and other typical pipeline hardware.

The LIQT solution helps to manage the condition of underground infrastructure assets, improve pipeline system design, conduct operations and optimisation studies, increase system capacity, test procedure changes and simulate incidents, complete network surge analyses and simulate the physical profile of your pipeline network

Analysis provided by LIQT gives the information needed to make accurate decisions concerning materials, cost, operating procedures and construction alternatives all resulting in decisions which will help insure the reliable service of the water system.

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