Liquid application


Courtesy of Eco Physics Inc.

The CLD 88 enables to detect down to pMol level (nitrite / nitrate levels in drinking water).
The new sample tube we are using (type 1), is optimized for this application. The internal flow restriction is
made from stainless steel and it can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. The sample flow of 110 ml/min
minimizes the effect of the helium bubbles in the liquid sampler, which results in very low noise signal in the
NO analyzer.

Liquid Applications

Several techniques have been developed for the measurement of NO and its oxidation products using the
Liquid Purge Vessel system in conjunction with the CLD 88 (Nitric Oxide Analyzer). These techniques
• Reduction of nitrate using vanadium(III) and hydrochloric acid at 90 °C.
• Reduction of nitrite using iodide and acetic acid
• Reduction of nitrosothiols using a modified Saville reaction or Cu/Cystine.

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