LIT UV-system at Lofoten archipelago.

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Courtesy of LIT UV EUROPE / LIT Technology

LIT UV-system at Lofoten archipelago. The company UNIK in Norway has been successfully selling LIT UV-systems for almost four years. The company is based in Os, which is close to the town of Bergen. Earlier this year UNIK has sold and installed two LIT UV-systems in the Nusfjord water treatment plant. A technically good offer, respected references and good technical skills have finally leaded to getting this order. Nusfjord is an old fishermen town, located way into the Arctic Circle, up in the far north of Norway. The town, which is on the World Heritage List, has approximately 20 permanent habitants during the winter season but can accommodate more than 200 people during the summer season. Nusfjord Water plant is taking in fresh water from a lake somewhere in the surrounding mountains. During the summertime local farmers have their sheep grazing in the mountain meadows around the lake. This is causing a potential hazard of water contamination and infection for the Nusfjord water plant. Previously, potable water at Nusfjord Water plant was not disinfected before distribution into the local piping network. A more stringent Norwegian legislation however charged the local water board to improve treatment and especially disinfection of the potable water for the Nusfjord community. Installed at Nusfjord Water Plant are two DUV-4A UV-units equipped with four 300W UV-lamps each. Both UV-systems are Önorm-certified UV-units for potable water applications. These UV-systems treat up to 43 m³ per hour each. The water coming from Nusfjord Water Plant is now of a very good quality and exceeds Norwegian water quality standards.

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