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'A lot of cars and vans now come with extended maintenance periods that are either 12 months or 18,000 miles,' notes John Carrington, Liverpool Council's fleet and transport services manager.

'I think if you give someone the keys to a vehicle and say, 'I'll see you in a year' then that's bad enough. But 'I'll see you in a year and you might have done 18,000 miles' I think is pretty scary.'

With the corporate manslaughter legislation just weeks away now, driver safety is in the spotlight after some experts warned work-related road deaths could provide the first prosecutions under the new law (see Drivers could be weakest manslaughter link).

Any company whose employees drive for work - even if only occasionally and in their own cars - has a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure their safety on the road, but some organisations have thought through the implications of that duty more than others. Liverpool's city authority comes into that former group.

The council's fleet services department focuses on two key areas where they can help safeguard employees on the road: driver training and vehicle maintenance - where, as Carrington says, they are not content merely to follow vehicle manufacturers' servicing guidelines.

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