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Living garbage recycling line with eddy current separator in Guizhou - Case Study

  • Material:living garbage;
  • Size:5-30mm
  • Capacity:10 t/h,

Configuration machinery:

  1. vibrating feeer;
  2. eccentric eddy current separator;
  3. belt conveyor;
  4. Intermediate control equipment,
  5. Overband magnet.

Sorting process:
The living garbage shredder material scrap, and at the same time also mingled with the impurities such as copper, aluminum, material by belt conveyor to enter our vibrating feeder, magnetic roller through uniform feeding into the next level, sorting out the big steel scrap, scrap iron and other material, and then enter the next level of magnetic separation, magnetic roller iron purpose is;After the removal of iron by two-stage magnetic separation, the materials are sorted into the eccentrically eddy current mainframe for copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, and the remaining materials are treated as non-metallic materials for subsequent treatment.

The TLFXP eccentric eddy current separator is designed for non-ferrous metals in living garbage sorting, give full consideration to the scene when design of other conditions, as far as possible before the materials into the eddy current separator host, remove iron material in clean, so on the belt conveyor configuration two-stage suspension type magnetic separator, in addition, cooperate with the customer site to the special requirements of color, and coupled with dust removal equipment requirements for configuration.

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