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Lloyds TSB - Case Study


Courtesy of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

Project Results and Impacts:

  • Communicate the company’s CSR actions and performance to all of its stakeholders
  • Address mutual economic, environmental, and social challenges by improving dialogue with its stakeholders

CSE Solution 'CSR Report Development and Quality Assurance'

CSE delivered an in-depth self-assessment from 28 managers from different divisions (enablers network) and provided a comprehensive validation of the CR Report. The comments of the CR Report Assurance Statement provided an independent verification and added value to the organization and its stakeholders. Additionally, feedback was provided for further development of the CR Report content, based on CSE good practices research.

About Lloyds TSB...

Lloyds TSB is a leading  banking and insurance group, predominantly UK-based, with operations in over 20 countries, and with almost 70,000 employees serving some 16 million customers.


Lloyds TSB sought comprehensive Assurance for its CR annual Report.

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