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Loadtest - Sonicaliper success story


Courtesy of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

In June 2008, a project was initiated between SoilVision Systems Ltd. and LoadTest Inc. relating to the development of software to support their newly developed SoniCaliper instrument. Prototype software for processing the data from this instrument had been developed by LoadTest Inc.; SoilVision Systems Ltd. was hired to bring the software to a professional level and implement 3D graphical display capabilities.

The SoniCaliper instrument is a quality control and quality assurance tool for deep foundation excavations. The sonar caliper (SoniCaliper) has the ability to virtually 'see' shafts constructed in water, polymers and other mineral slurries, giving the engineer, designer and contractor additional confidence that the end product is manufactured according to specification. Utilizing sonar technology, the SoniCaliper product provides a full 360-degree profile of the shaft, allowing engineers to generate a complete three-dimensional model of the shaft walls.

Design of the software for viewing the data from the SoniCaliper instrument was not a trivial task as it involved issues related to storing and processing the data directly from the instrument as well as visualization of the data in a comprehensive 2D or 3D manner. The SoniCaliper software is currently being used by LoadTest and has allowed them to come to the forefront in the delivery of a new technology.

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