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Local eco-systems and some sustainable development problems of Georgia

One general understanding of sustainable development concept is this being a socio-economic model of society life, satisfaction of life's necessities for the current generation should be reached without deprivation of such opportunity for next generations. Thus, rational usage of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable ones, not causing irreversible negative influences to the environment is the way, leading to sustainable development. The concept of local eco-system and its sustainable development are very important because the solution of a global negative influence on environment depends upon solution to the local pollution problems. Some ecological problems, connected with Georgia's environment are considered in the present paper (forest management, soil, water resources, and atmospheric pollution). Also, some estimations and recommendations that may serve the environment protection problem are given.

Keywords: local ecosystems, sustainable development, sustainability, Georgia, natural resources, energy safety, environmental pollution, forest management, soil, water resources, air pollution

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