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Local PM10 source apportionment for non-attainment areas in Slovakia


The method used for the PM10 source apportionment in 18 air quality management areas (AQMAs) in Slovakia is presented, as well as the results of the study. Local PM10 emissions include traffic emissions, local seasonal heating sources from residential housing, industrial and point sources, and fugitive sources. Mathematical modelling has been performed using CALPUFF model, driven by meteorological fields created by CALMET meteorological model. Domains ranged between 20–400 km
in size, with the horizontal resolution of 200–500 m, depending on the complexity of the terrain. The results were post processed using multi linear statistical model, in order to account for the emission input uncertainties. In most AQMAs the major contributors are local heating using biomass burning (in winter) and road transport in both seasons, with high contribution from regional and transboundary transfer.

Keywords: CALPUFF, source apportionment, PM10, Slovakia, atmospheric dispersion modelling, air pollution

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