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Local primary school saves £1000s by upgrading rather than replacing glazing - case study


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Location: Bolton
Problem: Health and Safety Compliancy
Product: ARC CL4 PSSR

Local primary school saves £1000s by upgrading rather than replacing glazing to meet current H&S regulations

Health and Safety Compliance - Glazing

This school is a successful primary school located in  Bolton, lancashire.

The school places huge importance on providing a safe and secure environment for its pupils, and regularly undertakes audits of its equipment and buildings to ensure they continue to meet current standards and regulations.

In order to ensure that the glazing was compliant and in line with its legal requirements the school chose to undertake a glazing audit.

Choosing to source this service direct in order to reduce costs, the school commissioned ARC Window Films to undertake a full risk assessment and audit of the schools glazing.
The Problem: Non Compliant Glazing

As is the case in many schools, some areas were found to not meet modern health and safety standards, so the school addressed this immediately.

The Solution

Replacing the glazing was found to be prohibitively expensive, so a retrofit installed Safety Window Film was fitted to bring the glazing up to current standards. The school now benefits from 24/7 invisible protection against breakage – accidental or otherwise, whilst complying with all current health and safety regulations.
Ensuring Compliance by undertaking a Glazing Risk Assessment

Those responsible for buildings have a legal obligation to ensure it is safe for occupants – but how do you know if the glazing is safe and compliant? A glazing risk assessment may help.

A glazing risk assessment is an audit of a buildings glazing to ensure compliance with current legislation, and to identify areas where the risk of accidents can be mitigated.

It allows building owners, occupants and manager to;

  • Ensure the glazing is fit for purpose and complies with current legislation
  • Identify areas of risk
  • Develop an action play to mitigate the identified risk

If an accident were to occur a glazing audit could be used to defend against litigation, as it shows that steps were taken to identify and mitigate risk.

With regulations frequently changing a regular GRA is essential to ensure your building remains compliant. Whatever your requirement, the ARC team are here to help with any enquiry.

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