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Local scale PC-oriented Eulerian pollutant transport model PolTran-1-2

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A one-dimensional non-stationary numerical Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) model is combined with an Eulerian advective scheme, called TRAP. The input information includes meteorological measurements at the surface and high level information from weather forecast centres. The Boundary Layer model includes a comprehensive set of equations governing the meteorological processes (momentum, turbulence, heat, short and infrared radiation, humidity, soil heat transfer). The pollutant transport model is a single layer one, based on the mixing layer concept. The TRAP scheme was chosen after careful comparison of some of the most widespread advection schemes. Graphic facilities on a PC show the changes of the pollutant fields at specified time steps. Examples using real meteorological data demonstrate the complex configurations of pollutant concentration and deposition in time and space and also show how easily the model can handle them.

Keywords: air pollution, atmospheric boundary-layer, Eulerian numerical advection schemes, meteorological

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