Localizing Fugitive Emissions Management


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Louisiana Petrochemical Facility Employs Essential FEMS In Move To End Third-Party Fugitive Emissions Contract

The Challenge:

Monitoring thousands of tags for Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) compliance is no easy task. Condea Vista's 120-acre petrochemical plant in Westlake, La., has more than 40,000 Fugitive Emissions Management System (FEMS) tags, including some that must be checked monthly. All of them have to be tested at least once a year. For most of the last five years, the company used an outside vendor to maintain its FEMS tags.

The Solution:

Condea Vista is the global chemical arm of RWE-DEA of Hamburg, Germany, a leading European refiner and marketer of petroleum products, and producers of oil, natural gas and basic petrochemicals. Headquartered in Houston, Condea - with sales totaling more than $500 million annually - has about 750 employees in Lake Chares, Baltimore and Tuscon, Ariz. The company recently switched to Essential FEMS, part of the new Essential EH&ST software suite by Essential Technologies, for LDAR maintenance.

The Results:

By integrating and improving key information processes, Essential's software minimizes overlap and maximizes efficiency. That, in turn, directly affects the bottom line. SPR's annual Site Environmental Report provides a good example. The 250-page report is important to the facility because it is widely distributed to, among others, the Department of Energy, members of Congress and the media. Before Essential's software implementation, the report took between 1,000 and 1,500 man-hours to complete. Use of the software has reduced that by one-half to two-thirds, according to officials at the reserve.

Monitoring groups can also be built on activities including unmonitored components, leaking components, components related to a specific regulation, component location and monitoring history. Additionally, the software comes standard with the ability to calculate emissions for each chemical or section of the plant over any desired time period. Calculation methods include SOCMI, average leak/no leak and correlation. Site correlation data can also be used to ensure the most accurate emission calculations.

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