Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón S.L.L. (IAG)

Location of sound sources - Case Study


IAG offers its customers the identification and location of noise in outdoor environments with multiple sources.

Through the Acoustic Camera technology, an acoustic antenna with numerous microphones, a multichannel signal acquisition system and a software for digital processing of acoustic signals, we will know which are the main sources of noise and the contribution of each of them in a point receiver or a specific environment.

This advanced and exclusive technology contributes to:

the location of industrial noise sources (up to 300 m distance).

the reduction of environmental noise, effectively applying corrective measures to the main sources.

the substantial reduction of the noise levels of noisy products (vehicles, air conditioning systems, wind turbines, outdoor machines, etc.).

the identification of losses or leaks of acoustic insulation in the building (facades, carpentry, insulation between enclosures).

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