LOCK+LOAD Highland Valley Copper Mine, BC


Courtesy of Armtec

Owner: Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership

Engineers: Sade Engineering Associates Limited / Terratech Consulting Limited

Contractors: Newport Structures Limited / TLC Stoneworks Limited

Details: Winter construction on a 24 / 7 schedule to avoid frozen backfill. Temperatures as low as -25C. Lock + Load was ideal for “wrapping around” the curved Bridge-Plate arch, as it could be field cut.

Description: Wing walls for a haul road overpass designed for CAT 797B truck surcharge (650 tons), 9M in height and ~ 500 sq M in area. GRS (Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil) with low cost woven geotextile. Originally it was specified as an MSE wall, but given cold weather and risk of post construction consolidation, it was felt that GRS confinement would lead to a stiffer backfill envelope, both for the arch and wall systems.

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