Locking up noise in Lancaster Castle


Courtesy of Cirrus Environmental

It’s pretty unusual for any noise consultant to be asked to monitor noise levels at a dance music event held within a medieval castle but it’s even more unusual when the revellers are all housed in a converted prison wing inside those ancient walls.

Since 2011 Lancaster Castle has enjoyed a new lease of life as a major tourist attraction and music venue. It hosts outdoor music concerts and indoor events where guests party within the original wings and cells occupied by past convicts, with hundreds attending.

“Imagine the set of Porridge with the cells, staircases and the Victorian mezzanine and that’s what you have here,” said Chris. “It is totally unchanged from when it was used as a prison but now it’s a club venue.

“You would think that the Castle walls would be able to contain any noise produced by the dance nights. They are incredibly thick and over 20m high but noise still manages to get out over the top and the nearest residential dwellings are less than 30 metres away, making things very challenging.”

Chris hired the Cirrus Invictus noise monitor and stationed it near the properties to take continuous LAeq readings at 15 minute intervals throughout the event, with the Noise-Hub2 software allowing him to see the live measurements on his ipad. Should the need arise this would allow him to react instantly by reducing the noise level. “I was ensuring the noise levels reached didn’t breach the licensing conditions of the premises on behalf of the organisers,” he explained. “At this event they didn’t so everyone was happy, particularly the dance guests who certainly didn’t want the music turning down.”

“Being able to hire the Cirrus equipment is ideal for me as a consultant,” he added. “I have access to the best equipment I need for a specific job but don’t have to invest the money for what might be a one-off.” “By hiring I get just what I need when I need it and I don’t have to worry about recalibrations and maintenance as I know the equipment will be in perfect working order for me.”

Cirrus Environmental General Manager Craig Storey, added: “It’s great that the introduction of Invictus rental has enabled SME businesses and consultants to access the latest generation of high quality equipment, so they can fulfil a contract without any large outlay or delays – it’s a win/win for them and their clients.”

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