Log and Forwarder - central monitoring application


Log&Forward is a PC application for monitoring fielded GaugerGSM systems. L&F is compatible with Windows OS. The application supports two main functionalities:

  •  Logging of SMS messages
  •  Forwarding SMS messages to subscribers

The SMS messages are logged into Excel files for ease of use. Each file represents a GaugerGSM system. The name of the file is identical with the cellular number of the GaugerGSM.

Forwarding of messages supports two destination types. One destination type is being forwarded with SMS messages exactly as they arrive from the remote GaugerGSM. The other destination type is reserved for personal cell-phones. In this case, SMS messages are rebuilt so as to create friendly text messages to the subscribers. A friendly message may be; 'Fuel theft is suspected at location XYZ' or 'Sewer overflow is detected at street ABC. Users can subscribe to different messages so that high level executives may subscribe to crucial events as they occur while maintenance personal can subscribe to all events messages. Periodic messages may be sent to a graphic monitoring application or simply be stored in the PC.    

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