Long Duration Foam Wins Job, Saves Money - TCE and Vinyl Chloride Emission Control


Courtesy of Rusmar Inc.

Products & Equipment Used:
  • AC-645
  • AC-904
  • PFU400/25

Application Summary:

Kelchner Environmental, Inc., a remediation and civil construction contractor in Dayton, OH, was awarded a remediation contract by a major private sector client at an active manufacturing plant located in Sanborn, NY. The original engineering design required construction of a temporary structure to cover the entire footprint of the excavation/treatment area, and required crews working inside the building to be in Level B PPE. Kelchner proposed an alternative plan - to control TCE and vinyl chloride emissions by applying Rusmar AC-645 and AC-904 products using a PFU400/25 Pneumatic Foam Unit.

Rusmar worked closely with Kelchner during the bidding process to provide documentation supporting the performance of Long Duration Foam. Case histories and test data supplied by Rusmar won the support of the design engineers, and because Kelchner could eliminate the cost of a temporary structure from their proposal, the savings won them the job.

The project required excavation of 5,000 tons of soil containing TCE in concentrations exceeding 10,000 ppm and placement of the contaminated soil in an ex-situ treatment cell constructed on site. A critical factor in the engineer's design was concern over exposure to air-borne concentrations of TCE and vinyl chloride during excavation, as concentrations were expected to exceed IDLH levels. Controlling these emissions was of utmost concern because the plant is located adjacent to several residences.

During excavation of the contaminated soil, foam was applied when instrumentation at strategic monitoring locations indicated that TCE or vinyl chloride concentrations exceeded action levels. Within minutes of applying the foam, air-borne concentrations were reduced from thousands of parts per million to background levels. Consequently, work crews were able to work in Level C PPE with the excavation and treatment cell construction tasks completed in a little over one week. The on-site representative of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation gave the products his unqualified approval.

The use of Long Duration Foam enabled work to be performed in Level C rather then Level B PPE and shortened the duration of fieldwork at the site. Kelchner estimates Rusmar saved their client close to $100,000.00 while still achieving the technical requirements of the project.

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