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LonWorks delivers savings on sunset Blvd case study


Courtesy of ATI Airtest Technologies, Inc.

The Building
The Sunset Millennium building is in the heart of the renowned, billboard saturated, Sunset Blvd nucleus of trendy restaurants and exclusive nightclubs. The lower levels of the building house a 4 story underground parking garage that can hold up to 1000 vehicles. The garage sees traffic 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

When the building was constructed approximately 20 years ago a carbon monoxide ventilation control system was installed in the garage to control fans based on automobile activity. This on/off system had stopped working a number of years ago. The building operator was frustrated with the system as it seemed to operate as a black box with absolutely no interface or instructions to understand, adjust or troubleshoot the system. In its current inoperative state the 8 large ventilation fans in the building (242 hp) had been set to run continuously. The new building owner estimated a cost of over $242,000 annually for over 1.5 million kWh of energy to operate the fans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AirTest Solution
Using the existing conduit left by the non-working CO system, 41 brand new TR2000-Lon LonWorks® CO sensors were installed throughout the garage so that there was approximately one sensor for every 7,000 square feet. The system layout and installation was developed by AirTest working with the building owner and installing contractor. AirTest offers this design service to all customers.

An AirTest CN8000 LonWorks® control was used to read the 41 sensors and then provide a control signal to control the speed of the fans. A major reason the LonWorks® system was selected for this installation was due to the ease of wiring the sensors together, hence a much lower cost of installing the network. The control also features an easy to use keypad and interface screen that allows:

  • The user to see the readings on all sensors,
  • The ability to adjust a number of operating parameters of the ventilation control system and VFD interface.
  • A message center that reports on troubleshooting and maintenance issues, and indicates alarms and warnings if there is a malfunction

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