Look through different eyes”: Gateway recycling envisions a secure & sustainable future

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Closed-loop systems are required for the effective management of assets, but when the objective is the secure & verifiable destruction of confidential information, materials, and products “you’ve got to snap the loop shut” in the words of Tom Sustersic, President/Owner, Gateway Products Recycling, Cleveland, Ohio. His commitment to building a fullservice recycling business model that delivers secure destruction which meets or exceeds industry and government standards, while thriving sustainably into the next generation, is the story behind Gateway Recycling.
It’s not overstating the case to say Tom Sustersic was a ‘pioneer’ in the recycling business. Tom established Gateway Recycling in November, 1993 to create custom recycling programs for commercial and industrial businesses that were generating large volumes of multi-material scrap. Although the company focused on innovative and environmentally responsible methods for the recovery of paper, Gateway also recycles metals and plastic materials in comprehensive ‘green programs’.

From the start, Gateway was a resolutely ‘family-oriented’ company. Tom’s wife Cindi joined him in the management of the company during 1995, sharing his passion for the mission of recycling, and bringing her own business savvy to the enterprise. Clearly, entrepreneurial skills play an essential role in Gateway ‘DNA’.

Building on its knowledge base, expertise in material handling systems for sorting and process flow was a key to Gateway’s efficiency, and service flexibility. Gateway’s paper recycling business grew to offer the purchase of all grades of paper, including: cardboard; office paper; newspaper; roll stock; text books; print shop waste; and coated paper. The company is equipped with the technology to recycle all of these paper grades at the primary Gateway facility in Cleveland.

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