Look to New Features of Industrial Power Cleaning Systems!

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Cleaning applications in industrial settings are extremely challenging. To efficiently tackle industrial maintenance jobs, it is imperative to be equipped with high-grade, powerful and durable hot water pressure washers from established suppliers. Such pressure wash machines feature the best in technology, construction, user safety, and performance.

The following important aspects must be evaluated before purchasing hot water pressure washers for industrial applications:

  • Good quality: If you expect your power cleaning system to function flawlessly for years, then it should rate high in terms of quality. Instead of aluminum or plastic housing, look for the ones with chip-resistant, powder-coated plastic. Again, do not buy pressure wash systems featuring low grade heating coils. Go for quality versions featuring stainless steel heating coils. This will ensure consistently good performance for years even with heavy or prolonged use.
  • Flow rate: Hot water pressure washers featuring low flow rates in the range of 0.25 gpm to 2.5 gpm are appropriate for a lighter duty job. However, for exceptional cleaning in industrial areas, choose power cleaner machines featuring flow rates above 5 gpm. After all, higher flow rates imply more powerful cleaning action.
  • Pressure levels: Different pressure wash equipment from the best suppliers come with pressure levels ranging from 750 psi to 8000 psi. Those versions with lower pressure levels may not be adequate for managing challenging operations, such as industrial degreasing. For best results, choose hot water high pressure washers with pressure levels above 3000 psi. This will ensure effective elimination of tough dirt buildup.
  • Temperature options: Most industrial versions of cold water power cleaner systems do feature adequate cleaning power to wash away dirt and grime. However, these machines may not be effective in dissolving or eliminating greasy and oily deposits. When you need to clean extremely greasy surfaces and equipment in settings, such as food manufacturing plants, choose commercial pressure washers that generate hot water or steam. While the heat dissolves oily deposits, the high pressure levels wash away the deposits, leaving surfaces clean and oil-free.
  • Power source: Pressure wash systems may be powered by gas, electricity, or propane. Electric powered pressure washer machines can be used in areas where electric sockets are available at all necessary points. However, to maintain large, outdoor areas where electricity may not be available, it is best to opt for fuel-powered versions, such as gas pressure washers.
  • Portable features: When it comes to the question of maintaining large, industrial areas, the power cleaning systems you choose must be more portable than commercial pressure washers. For this reason, top suppliers now offer electric pressure washer machines in trailer mountable and wheeled configurations. The trailer mountable versions come with huge tanks that can be loaded on trucks and transported to different areas.

High-grade industrial gas pressure washers from reputed distributors also feature a host of advanced functions, such as two-gun configuration, self-cleaning boilers, and auto shut-off technologies. While choosing hot water pressure washers for industrial applications, make sure the machines meet all these requirements.



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