Looking after your assets?

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Outside of customers, vehicles and bins are waste company’s most important assets! Yet few companies manage them with the attention they deserve. Many companies are still using antiquated paper based records systems to keep track of these, when paper based filing systems are the most costly to keep and most difficult to share amongst staff from multiple departments.

Trucks these days can cost several hundred thousand dollars and then get fitted with an array of expensive accessories such as on-board computers, camera systems and the like. The compactor body work may be custom-built, the chassis may have a different lift and compaction systems fitted.

Some trucks are like the woodsman’s 10 year old axe, (only changed the head once and handle twice), as vehicles go through several iterations of refurbishment until they become ghosts (the stage after write-off where they can still be used as off-the-books emergency backups).

What a good fleet records management system should do in a waste company is help you keep track of registers of all relevant equipment data, such as make, model, year, serial number, etc, for the following groups of equipment:

  • Body details and dimensions,
  • Engine, PTO and Chassis data,
  • Suspension and Axel details,
  • Bin lift and load cell systems,
  • Waste compaction systems,
  • Other Accessories and warranty dates (eg: fire extinguishers, on-board systems, air-conditioning units, etc)

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