BioMicrobics, Inc.

Los Cabos International Convention Center (ICC) - Case Study


Courtesy of BioMicrobics, Inc.

  • Project Name: Los Cabos International Convention Center (ICC)
  • Year: 2012
  • Owner: Los Cabos International Convention Center (ICC)
  • Location: Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Type: Living Wall
  • System: Custom
  • Size: 29063 sq.ft.
  • Slope: 100%
  • Access: Accessible, Open to Public
    • Submitted by: Bio-Microbics, Inc.
    • Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
    • Construction: ICA Construccion Urbana
    • Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • Manufacturer: Bio-Microbics
    • Integrated Water Technologies: Hydrocalsan
    • Architect: Fernando Romero Enterprise (FREE)

The newly constructed Los Cabos International Convention Center (ICC) covers an area of 25.922 m2 and has the capacity to host events for up to 6,400 people in 3 exhibition halls and 7 conference rooms. The U.S. Federal Government commissioned FREE to design and build the convention center and hotel for the 2012 G20 Convention in Los Cabos, Mexico, Located in an arid region, the state-of-the-art green facility boasts many green-building techniques including 1,008 solar panels, roof design that allows 18% of natural light to enter through domes, LED lighting throughout the interior, and boh exterior and interior greenwalls. A 2.65 liter per second My FA ST wastewater treatment system w as also installed to recycle treated water back to the building for toilet flushing and irrigating the current world's largest living green wall [2,700 m2 as of September, 2012].

The recent 2012 G20 Summit was held here in Los Cabos, Mexico, where twenty leaders from the world's most powerful economies met. As the first such summit to occur in Latin America, new infrastructure and a new convention center in Cabo San Lucas was necessary, FREE developed a building system adaptable to different climates, from which FREE created a hotel that is suitable in four different climates selected along the Mexican Pacific Ocean.

The Convention Center represents a $100,000,000 investment by the federal government and a $1,500,000 investment from the state

Baja California Sur, and the ICC was built with the G20 agenda in mina. Namely, a focus or green infrastructure energy and water efficiency, and financing the fight against climate change. According to project's consulting engineers, ICA Construction Urbana, the Center was built in a record time of six and a half months. The project began on November 15, 2011 and was completed on May 31 2012. Usually, a project of this nature takes approximately two years to be completed.