Louis Vuitton`s parisian headquarter chose Bramidan’s low profile X25 and saved up to 1500 € per month on collections - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Seeking to streamline processing costs for packaging waste, the world's leading luxury company Louis Vuitton has installed a low profile X25 baler in its Parisian premises, with a overall height that does not exceed 1885 mm.

Space really matters at Louis Vuittons headquarters located in the heart of Paris 1st borough. The waste deposit is located in a narrow space saturated with containers, all filled up with packaging wastes coming down from offices and workshops on the upper floors. Access to the deposit is also extremely difficult: “The corridor that leads to the waste deposit is only 1900 mm high” explains Mr. Marchado, in charge of waste management at Louis Vuitton. Bramidan’s X25 Low version just fits perfectly in this location.

Efficient collection costs

So far, cardboard waste was brought down in the basement by the company’s employees. Loose materials were folded and thrown into small bins to be collected once a day. “This is an extremely slow and expensive process” insists Mr Marchado as Louis Vuitton is being charged more than 100 Euro per collection.

Cost effective waste management

Today, as the new X25 Low profile baler produces one cardboard bale of 200 kg per day, collections may only happen once a week representing a saving of more than 1500 Euro per month. Time saving is also significant as cardboard wastes no longer need to be folded. The waste deposit is cleaner and offers more available space as most bins have been removed. The X25 Low has proven its efficiency allowing Louis Vuitton to cut by five its logistics costs. It also permitted to increase workflow and hygiene on the workplace.

About Louis Vuitton

French Louis Vuitton label was founded in the middle of the 19th century in Paris and recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. The company offers a wide range of luxurious handmade wallets, bags and luggage, easily recognizable by the famous beige and brown pattern design. Today, the brand is represented all across the world through a network of luxurious stores.

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