Low Cost Flood Warning Solution


Courtesy of Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
Supply and installation of flood warning system

Supply of Hawk XT telemetry loggers for use with tipping-bucket rain-gauges plus supply and installation of telemetered flow gauges to the SEPA west area as part of a flood warning instrumentation project. Each flow gauge was comprised of a Teledyne RDi Channelmaster H-ADCP with a Hawk XT outstation.

The Isodaq FEP6 telemetry server was supplied as the main data acquisition and alarm management system, interfaced via file transfer to the client's existing HIMS Hydrological Information system.

Site work also included in-situ calibration using ADCP-based current meter gauging checks at each of the sites in order to establish initial velocity index ratings for the gauges.

Design and installation services were provided by our sister company within the Hydro-Logic Group, Hydro-Logic Services Ltd.

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